Reservations and inquiries: TEL 03-6457-3150

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Important Notes
Please be sure to read the following information before visiting us.
  • About entering the store
    • No one under 20 years of age is allowed to enter the restaurant.
    • Guests who are intoxicated are not allowed to enter the restaurant.
  • About Shisha Sharing 
    • One shisha can be shared by up to two people.
    • If there are 3 people, 2 shisha units shall be ordered.
  • About Hours of Use
    • We have a 3-hour time limit only during busy times.
    • Please kindly understand that we may ask guests who have spent a long time to leave first.
  • Handling of Shisha Equipment
    • The top of the shisha equipment is very hot, and touching it may cause injury or burns not only to yourself but also to other guests. Please keep your hands away from the shisha table as it is dangerous.
    • If you need to move the equipment, please ask a nearby staff member to move it for you. 
    • If you damage the shisha equipment, you will be required to pay for the damage. (100,000 yen).
  • Handling of Facilities and Equipment 
    • Please note that you may be charged for any damage to sofas, tables, and equipment.
  • About the case of making significant stains in our place
    • If a guest vomits or otherwise makes a mess inside the facility, a professional cleaning service will take care of the mess. In this case, the guest will be responsible for all cleaning costs.