Reservations and inquiries: TEL 03-6457-3150

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We accept visitors from ages 20 and up.

Please show me your ID.

We welcome you of course.
Please feel free to come by yourself as a single person can enjoy our place.


Open all year round. (Please note that we may be closed or our business hours may change due to facility inspections, etc.)

Yes. However, food and drinks with strong smells are not allowed.

We sell flavors and charcoal.
Please feel free to ask our staff.

Yes, we do. Please ask for it when you place an order.

No, we do not allow any flavors that you bring in.

Smoking of both electronic and paper cigarettes is allowed.

Yes, we have high-speed Wi-Fi available free of charge.

We also have a number of seats with electrical outlets so you can charge your cell phone or other devices while you use the Wi-Fi.

We have two private VIP rooms with different themes that can accommodate a large number of people.

These rooms are very popular, so please make a reservation if you prefer to use one.

*Two or more people are required to use these rooms, and a separate VIP fee will be charged.

We accept reservations by phone.
Please call 03-6457-3150.